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how to get help in Windows 10

How To Get Help In Windows 10 Windows 10 is a new operating system that has come and a lot of people have graded their system to this. In case you might be having trouble with this, Microsoft has built in a few support services which would give you an answer to all your questions. Not just that, it would even help you via chat or via the phone. We understand that for new things, people usually need some help so that they can eliminate all their doubts. Some assistance is mandatory, and so we have bought to you a few tips in case you falter while using Windows 10. 1. Microsoft Support Would Be Of Help To You If you think that only a Microsoft employee can understand and solve the issue that you might be facing, and you want a human to take this forth, then you can just use an app which is built in your computer. First, you can click on the start button, and then easily go over to Contact Support, which would then automatically tell you what to do from there. In case you are not able to loc…